Espen Eldal, acting CEO and CFO

+47 482 92 424

Espen Eldal has been the Chief Financial Officer of Europris since 2014. Prior to his appointment as CFO of Europris, he served as managing director of Berendsen Tekstil Service AS, and Sales & Marketing Director and Finance Manager of PartnerTech, Norway. Prior to this, Mr Eldal worked as a Finance Manager in Travel Retail Norway, prior to which he held various executive positions in Gate Gourmet both in Scandinavia and in Switzerland. Mr Eldal holds a Bachelor in Finance and Administration from Oslo University College, is a certified auditor and has completed the Officers' Training School. Mr Eldal is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Knut Spæren, VP International Sourcing

+47 414 00 600

Knut Spæren has been the Purchasing Director/CPO of Europris since April 2011. Prior to his appointment as CPO of Europris, Mr Spæren served as Regional Merchandising Director of CE Nordic Region and as Purchasing Director of ATG (Andvord Tybring-Gjedde), prior to which he worked in Hakon Gruppen/ICA for 13 years holding several key positions. Mr Spæren holds a degree in sale and marketing from Gjerdes College. Mr Spæren is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Jon Boye Borgersen, VP Commercial

+47 900 16 995

Jon Boye Borgersen has been the Marketing & Business Development Director of Europris since 2012. Mr Borgersen joined Europris in 2005, and held several executive positions prior to his appointment as Marketing & Business Development Director. Prior to joining Europris, Mr Borgersen worked in Brynild Salg AS in 14 years, the last 3 of which as managing director. Mr Borgersen holds a Master of General Business from BI Norwegian Business School and has completed the Officers' School of Engineering. Mr Borgersen is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Pål Christian Andersen, VP Supply Chain

+47 975 64 758

Pål Christian Andersen has been the Logistic Director of Europris since 2013. Prior to his appointment as LD of Europris, Mr Andersen served as Chief Operations Officer with Projectiondesign AS / Barco NV from 2010 to 2013, as Vice President Supply Chain with Helly Hansen AS from 2001 to 2010, and has prior to 2001 held several positions related to logistic management; including with InFocus ASA, Unitor and Linjegods AS. Mr Andersen holds a degree in IT, Marketing economy, Business degree in economics, a three year college degree in business and administration, and has completed the Supply Chain Management Programme, Insead (Fontainebleau). Mr Andersen is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Ole Petter Harv, VP Technology & IT

+47 952 98 547

Ole Petter Harv has been the IT Director/CIO of Europris since April 2014. Prior to his appointment as CIO of Europris, Mr Harv served as CIO of the Skeidar Living Group and as the CIO Sport1 Gruppen. Prior to this, Mr Harv worked in Hakon Gruppen/ICA for 13 years where he held various positions. Mr Harv holds a degree in computer science from NKI School of engineering. Mr Harv is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Øyvind Haakerud, VP Store Operations

+47 957 48 061

Øyvind Haakerud has been the Store Network Director of Europris since 2014. Prior to his appointment as Store Network Director of Europris, Mr Haakerud worked for Reitan Convencience Norway AS for 7 years where held positions as Regional Director and Implementation Manager. Prior to this, Mr Haakerud held executive positions in Rosing Industrier AS, Prelude AS and Hydro Texaco AS respectively. Mr Haakerud holds a Master of Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management and has completed the Sergeant School in the Norwegian Army. Mr Haakerud is a Norwegian citizen and resides in Norway.

Kristine Frøberg, VP HR, Strategy & Sustainability

+47 949 70 041

Kristine Frøberg was appointed Director of HR and Organisational Development in January 2018. Ms Frøberg joined Europris in 2012, and has held various positions including Development Manager and Head of Human Resources. Prior to joining Europris, Ms Frøberg worked as a consultant at Totalconsult and the Euro Business School. She has also worked for 5 years at Mester Grønn in a senior position. Ms Frøberg holds a Master of Higher Education from the University of Oslo. Ms Frøberg is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Norway.