The Nomination Committee is established in accordance with the Articles of Association in Europris ASA. The Nomination Committee shall be independent of the Board of Directors and the Management of the company, and its composition shall ensure the shareholders’ interests.

The Nomination Committee shall make recommendations to the general meeting regarding election of shareholder-elected members of the Board of Directors, remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors, election of members to the Nomination Committee and remuneration to the members of the Nomination Committee.

Members of the Nomination Committee, including the chairperson of the committee, are elected by the general meeting for a period of two years.

The Nomination Committee is composed of three members:

  • Alf Inge Gjerde (chair), 2024
  • Inger Johanne Solhaug, 2024
  • Tine Fossland, 2024

For dialogue with the Nomination Committee of Europris, shareholders can submit an e-mail to

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