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Europris ASA is a Norwegian discount variety retailer, with tax residency in Norway and established under Norwegian laws. The company is listed on Oslo Børs (OSE). For more information about Europris at Oslo Børs, please click here. From the time of unconditional trading on Oslo Børs, Europris has one class of shares, which all carry the same rights.

Company: Europris ASA
Org.number: 997 639 588
ISIN: NO 001 0735343 A-AKSJER
Ticker: EPR
Independent auditor: BDO AS


Dividends & capital history

Europris aims at a dividend payout ratio of 50-60 per cent of the group’s net profit. Europris intends to provide shareholders with a competitive return on invested capital, taking into account the group’s risk profile. It plans to pay out surplus liquidity (funds not necessary for the group’s day-to-day operations) in the form of a dividend or by means of a capital reduction through distribution to the shareholders. The group considers whether the available liquidity should be used for new investment or repayment of debt instead of being paid out as dividend. Subject to the approval of the AGM, the aim is to pay dividend annually. Dividend payments are subject to certain legal restrictions pursuant to the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, and should also take account of the group’s capital requirements and financial position as well as general business conditions.

Dividend for year Dividend proposal Dividend (NOK) Date of approval Payment date
2021 03.02.2022 4.00*** 21.04.2022 29.04.2022
2020 04.02.2021 2.70** 05.05.2021 18.05.2021
2019 30.01.2020 1.95 29.04.2020 08.05.2020
2018 31.01.2019 1.85 23.05.2019 04.06.2019
2017 01.02.2018 1.70 23.05.2018 01.06.2018
2016 17.02.2017 2.00* 23.05.2017 02.06.2017
2015 01.04.2016 1.40 13.05.2016 26.05.2016

* Ordinary dividend of NOK 1.50 per share and an extraordinary anniversary dividend of NOK 0.50 per share
** Ordinary dividend of NOK 2.20 per share and an additional dividend of NOK 0.50 per share to reflect the strong financial performance in an extraordinary year
*** Ordinary dividend of NOK 2.50 per share and an additional dividend of NOK 1.50 per share to reflect the strong financial performance